Liu Xiaoyun replied mischievously。

“What does this have to do with Qiao’er?”
Qiangzi asked surprised。
“Of course it matters,Because Qiao’er will probably be the mayor’s wife in the future。”
Liu Xiaoyun answered with a smile。
Everyone except Liu Xiaoyun laughed!Liu Xiaoyun’s brain teasers are turning really fast。
Qiangzi looked at Liu Xiaoyun dumbfounded and didn’t know how to answer her.。
“Qiaoer is so lucky,I found a mayor to be my husband!No way,I have to find a governor to be my husband。”
Liu Xiaoyun is still talking nonsense。
“OK,Your ambition is bigger than a strong son!”
Marin smiled and took a word。
“dream!Just a dream!One must have a dream,To work hard,The courage and confidence to work hard。”
Liu Xiaoyun pretended to say。
“Yep,Junior sister Xiaoyun,You have the potential to be a political commissar。”