Eat green onions like this, the cold can be good again!

The benefits are so much!

Eat green onions like this, the cold can be good again!

The benefits are so much!

Onion ginger cures a cold, which is known to everyone.

In the eyes of Chinese medicine practitioners, the onion is called the dish, and according to the steps of “Bo Zhong Shu Shu”, Bo is the boss.

Big brother-grade ingredients, can withstand too much 1, sweating to solve the table, cure cold and cold: If the symptoms are light, just use white onion and ginger to drink water.

2, refreshing brain: children are immature, sometimes dull, that is, do not open sputum, if adults always feel confused, dizziness, headache, and even groggy, this is not open.

How to do?

Very simple, eat some green onions.

3, impotence: often heard at the wine table, every meal of a green onion, can be ten minutes.

In fact, eating green onions can not guarantee more than ten minutes, but onions can be aphrodisiac is true.

4, external disinfection: no disinfectant in ancient times, when there is trauma, use green onions.

In the Tang Dynasty, there was a famous doctor in the orthopaedic department. Every time he was doing surgery or dressing, he used the onion water to rinse the damaged skin and used it for cleaning and disinfection.

5, stop bleeding and pain: In the past, onions were also regarded as gold drugs.

The reason for the “Mei Shi Fang” of the 姊?鍍?姊?姊?姊?姊?: : : : 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜 鍘熷洜

“When the onion is hot, or juice is taken, it can stop bleeding.”

When there is bleeding pain, the scallions and sugar are ground together into a paste and applied to the injured area to relieve pain.

Scallions should not be thrown, the effect is better when the onion is used for medicinal purposes.

“Everything must be scallion” means to use the white onion with white onion under the white onion. The onion root can dispel the wind and dispel the cold, detoxification and stop the headache.

Although the green onions are good, pay attention when eating: honey, raw onions, honey and onions with food can easily lead to diarrhea, indigestion; onion temperature, and dog meat, cock meat and other warm foods, easy to get angry; onions are not suitableThose who are hot in the body, contract to the lungs, heat dry cough, stomach heat vomiting, hemorrhoids bleeding, pain sore ulcers and other diseases; not suitable for those who eat virtual, its biggest feature is more sweat, if you can eat open the pores and sweating onionsThe situation will increase.