Of course he has heard the names of Changxiang Technology and Wang Yufei。

After all, brain-computer chips have also caused overheating in the industry。
Make such a big move for Hua,Set up a special department to cooperate with the research of new brain-computer chips,Even if you are a friend,It’s impossible not to know。
But what is the relationship between Huaxin Zhizhi’s negotiations with Intel and Changxiang Technology, which developed brain-computer chips??
Jing Yongjun has doubts in his heart,But didn’t show it。
Stephen’s words made him sure that something he didn’t know had happened.。
Although I don’t know what it is,But the current situation is impossible for Huaxin Zhizhi to be worse。
“OK then,Does Mr. Stephen need a break??Why not rest at the arranged Pearl Hotel tonight,We set off to Nandu tomorrow?”
“No more,Let’s go to Nandu tonight,Mr. Stephen’s time is tight,Start the negotiation directly tomorrow morning。”
On the car heading to Nandu,Jing Yongjun dialed the phone number of Weihua, a boss who has been doing business with Huaxin Zhizhi.。
Then I got in touch with Wang Yufei, Yu Xingwei。
“Mr. Yu,I am Jing Yongjun made by Chinachip。”