A pile of shit that no one wants to care about。

Some stars and directors who have a business relationship with Mavericks,They all closed their mouths,For fear of being affected。
Gu Yingjing was still showing pictures some time ago,Post meager,I am happy to be the heroine of Chu Liuxiang’s work。
At that time, some fans and passers-by who didn’t know the truth were still congratulating her。
The result is better now,She is meager and more scolding her than300Ten thousand,Recently posted13Underneath,All over100Wan’s comments,Scolded her so bloody。
Saw these,Wen Fan is even more furious。
I still want to save some face,So there is no hype,In the end, you got a head start,Really hell!
He immediately found a reporter he was familiar with,Started counterattack。
“for《Love through time and space》,Our cooperation with Teacher Chu Liuxiang is very pleasant,300010,000 script fee is a sky-high price,I believe this also expresses our sincerity。
About the change of the heroine,Actually based on our own consideration,And Teacher Chu Liuxiang didn’t say anything about it。It’s just that Lai Haejin is not satisfied with this result,So I took the opportunity to make trouble,Let Bou Yiyi quit。
In fact,Lai Haijin really took one15List of people to me,Want to《Love through time and space》All his actors,Do you guys say this is possible?He is not satisfied, I am not satisfied with his ambition,Just made so many things。
How tolerant we are?Ask Buyiyi yourself。According to the contract,If she quit,Is to compensate us,Did our Mavericks ask her for a penny of compensation??Is it not enough to show our tolerance and tolerance?
As for me and Miss Gu Yingjing,There is nothing to hide,We have been dating for more than two years,Have met the parents。Why did you get into Lai Haijin’s mouth?,It’s that bad smell?Does he go out without brushing his teeth??”