Peng Changyi said:“I won’t go here this time, right??How are they doing?”

Lu Yuan said:“On the body,Old man is worse,Bleeding from the brain a few years ago,Committed another time abroad,Fortunately, see a doctor in time,Not serious,My mother’s body has always been fine,No illness。”
Peng Changyi said:“That’s good,At our age,The only wish is for the healthy growth of children,Elderly health and longevity。”
They chatted for a while,Lu Yuan said:“After this time,How does Lang Zhu compare to Kangzhou?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Not on the same level,How can it compare。”
Lu Yuan quickly changed his mouth,Said:“I was wrong,I want to talk to Jinan。”
Peng Changyi said:“Lang Zhu regardless of population or land area,Are nearly twice as small as Jinan,But I think the economic situation has developed rapidly in recent years,It is a prefecture-level city with relatively fast growth,The work should be better than Jinan,Jin’an impoverished county4A,Lang Zhucai two,The pressure in all aspects is relatively better。also,I am the deputy mayor,Mayor,County head and township head,worry、It’s all their business to suffer,I can do that well。”
Lu Yuan felt that Peng Changyi was low-key,low key,This should also be the main reason Jiang Fan got along with him?He said:“If it’s about work, it’s better to do,But Lang Zhu is not at peace,The sequelae of the wave after wave are still there,Jiang Fan’s time is not too long,Became a secretary in less than two years,Some people may not be convinced,Besides, the political arena in Lang has not stopped in recent years,Either this or that,Jiang Fan transferred you,Really smart。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Say:“I have no abilities,But there is no problem holding him。”
Lu Yuan picks up the cup,Said:“Yes,You have always worked very well,Now it’s Langzhu,Will be better。”
Peng Changyi touched him,Said:“I also need you, the provincial discipline inspection cadre, to remind us a lot without violating the principles.,In order to correct the work in time。”
Lu Yuan smiled,Said:“I don’t have that much effect,But what I hear or see will definitely remind you,Please rest assured。”
Peng Changyi said:“I also want to thank you,Thank you for your attention,Come,I respect you,Let’s take a big sip。”Peng Changyi said,I measured it with my finger,Said:“See it,Thumb down,Drink first。”He said,Just took a big sip,The plane in the cup is much lower than the position he just mentioned。
Lu Yuan said tremblingly:“Brother Peng,You know my drunk brother,I……I really can’t drink fast wine,Drinking slowly may be able to deal with,If it’s almost drinking,The speed under the drill table is faster。”
Peng Changyi didn’t even look at him,Said:“understanding,Because it’s my toast,And I asked you,As host and guest,I don’t even say you are the provincial leader,You have every right not to drink so much。”
Lu Yuan just about to drink,Listen to him,Just laughed,Said:“Dude stimulate me,What provincial leader am I,This is the same as the essential difference between Peking University and Beijing University。”
“Haha。”Peng Changyi laughed too,Said:“Brother is humorous。”
Lu Yuan holding a cup,Said:“Speak conscience,I am not a humorous person,Joined the army after graduation,The trajectory of army life is straight,Suddenly went to work in a local agency,Really a bit uncomfortable,If there is a little bit of humor, it is also infected by you, buddy,I was born a straight-tempered person,Just a……”
Listening to him holding a cup and talking endlessly,Peng Changyi can’t bear it anymore,Raise his hand at him,Mean stop talking,Drink bar。
Lu Yuan saw that he couldn’t escape this level,Just close your eyes,Took a big sip,Persevere,I still haven’t reached the limit of Peng Changyi,He feels inappropriate,I want to take another sip。