“Forget it,This guy is stupid,No wonder anyone!”

“Sand Dun:Sha Shiyu!”
Dense sand blades fly out,All fell on the Phoenix-tailed Cockscomb Snake。
Ding ding ding ding~
The expected ten thousand swords did not appear,The sand blades are all rebounded by the scales。
And the attack awakened the cockscomb snake,Began to twist his body frantically,Pulling his head out。
“It’s not that easy!”
Tang Chen was not too disappointed,The world is hierarchical,His spirit power is only tenth level,Sand Dun’s damage is limited。
“Sand Dun:Sand bound!”
Since the attack is ineffective,Then it’s drowsy,Sha Dun is best at this。
The Shield of the Guarding Crane changes form,Wrap the cockscomb snake like a liquid。
The roar keeps coming out,The guy who usually binds others,Now I have tasted the same taste。
Tang Chen squeezed his palm tightly,The violent struggle made him a little uncontrollable,Can only make another move。
“Sand Dun:Sand burst funeral!”
All spirit power erupts at this moment,The sand clinging to the cockscomb snake suddenly shrinks。
The horrible squeeze force appeared,The yellow sand that was still struggling no longer。
“call~So little soul power!”