How to lose weight successfully?


Psychological test

How to lose weight successfully?
Psychological test

The process of slimming should not be full of tears and pain, let us re-declare obesity again and again to lose weight in a happy mood, you have done your best.

Your efforts and sincerity impress everyone.

In fact, the reason why you can’t lose weight is your “heart.”

Excessive weight-loss stress, pessimistic weight loss mentality and IQ for effective weight loss, etc., make your mentality difficult to alleviate, your mind is getting heavier and your body is getting heavier.

In fact, relaxing can relieve the body.

銆€銆€Test 1 How much pressure does your weight loss have?

Often depressed, God is too unfair: Why are there so many beautiful women in the world, and I am not one of them?


Is B.

Not 2.

The one that bothers me the most in the office is the guy. She eats more than me every time, but she is much thinner than me.


Is B.

Not 3.

I hate myself in the mirror.


Is B.

Not 4.

I think every day, I have eaten too much today.


Is B.

Not 5.


My thighs are thick like trunks.


Is B.

Not 6.

When I eat foods that make people fat in front of others, I feel embarrassed and uneasy.


Is B.

Not 7.

I don’t like people staring at me from behind, that would make me think he has noticed that my chest line is too loose.

Is B.

Not 8.

I haven’t been swimming for half a year, because I am so fat as a duckling in a swimsuit, which makes me feel embarrassed.

銆€銆€One.Is B.

Not 9.

If I don’t exercise for a day or do other physical exercises, I will feel bad.


Is B.

Not 10.

I always pay attention to those slim and beautiful girls. Am I a homosexual?


Is B.

Not 11.

There are a lot of food, some potato chips, chocolate, and I have a strong sense of guilt every time I eat them.


Is B.

Not 12.

The biggest interference I face is my body shape.


Is B.

Not 13

Every time I eat too many things or convert high foods, I immediately think about how to consume them.


Is B.

Not 14.

I am afraid of the mirror in the bathroom, because my body is really appetizing.


Is B.

Not 15.

After eating too much, I sometimes spit them out or take laxatives.


Is B.

Not 16.

I just woke up every day and I meditate on it: Heavenly spirits, spirits, and must eat less today.


Is B.

Not test result analysis: 1.

In your answer, “Yes” is scheduled to belong to the low-pressure area of weight loss.

Your status is not bad. Usually, you don’t care too much about other people’s eyes, so you don’t suffer too much weight loss.

Pay attention!


“Yes” at 6?
10 of them belong to the weight loss medium pressure zone.
Have you ever had such an experience, have not eaten well for several days, and finally could not help but rush to the restaurant, violently boiled fish.
If you continue this state of life, it will make the appetite center and autonomic nervous system disorder, and the result is likely to form obesity.

3, “Yes” more than 10: belong to high-risk areas for weight loss.

Continued weight-loss stress, the body that makes you tired, the body function is already on the verge of disorder.

Although I often go on a diet, I will eat desserts in too many conditions, and let myself surround the vicious circle of weight loss.

Hurry and change it, it’s not too late to test 2. How many chances do you lose weight? Although the desire to lose weight is very strong, do you really understand losing weight?

Before you decide to lose weight next time, let’s take a weight loss psychological test and see how much your chances of success are.


What causes you to lose weight?


Read the newspaper, magazine B.

Introduce a friend, recommend C.

Parents, brothers and sisters urged D.

Female (male) friends and couples’ requirements E.

Make up your mind.


When did you start to get fat?


Not quite sure B.

About 10 years ago C.

About 5 years ago D.

About 2 years ago E.

About a year ago.


Why are you getting fat?


Obviously B.

It is difficult to restrain the temptation to eat C.

Due to illness or taking medicine D.

Habits that affect eating due to emotions (work, emotional stress)



Do you think that a weight loss method is the most effective?


Slimming tea or western medicine to lose weight B.

Acupuncture, acupuncture stimulation C.

Weight loss instrument D.

Eat only vegetables, fruit E.

Eat less and exercise more.


How much time do you think is successful in losing weight?
10 days B.

15 days C.

25 days D.

45 days E.

More than 60 days.


Satisfied with how many kilograms or a decrease in waist circumference per week or month, one kind.

Decrease by 3 per week?
5 kg B.

Decrease by 3 per week?
5 cm C.

5 per month?
7 kg D.

1 kg per week E.

Reduced by 3 kg per month.


If weight loss is not successful, what would you think of?

No effect B.

Losing money wasted time

Very sad, sad D.

Lose confidence and lose charm E.

Losing feelings, working, money. very serious.


Have you reduced your previous fat?


Many times (more than 5 times) B.

3 times C.

2 times D.

1 time E.

Never lost fat.


How do you feel about your obese body?


Had used to B.

The movement is not flexible and is often laughed at.

Not beautiful, not healthy D.

Have a feeling of inferiority E.

There is a strong sense of disgust.


Do you think that diet is related to obesity?

Drinking water will also be fat.
Little relationship C.
If you don’t eat it will become thinner D.

Close relationship E.

High content of food will be fat.


The initial food is higher

2 apples B.

1 bowl of rice C.

1 cup of ice cream D.

1 sausage E.

Half fried chicken legs 12.

Do you believe that weight loss has an effect?

Do not believe (mostly invalid) B.

Doubtful (some valid, some invalid) C.

Please know D.

Should have an effect E.

Must have an effect.

Is it possible to continue receiving treatment (coaching) A when losing weight?

Not very good grasp B.

Ample time will match C.

Depending on the effect, D.

Will give the other party a certain time to cooperate with E.

Determined to cooperate with the end.


The weight loss industry said that the guarantee is reduced by one?
2 kg or 3-5 cm waist circumference, what do you think?


The effect is very good, I am willing to try B.

See how to guarantee, you can try C.

The price is not expensive, just try D.

Head, exaggerated, will not try E.

Losing weight, it is meaningless to lose a few kilograms at a time.

銆€銆€Analysis of test results: 1.

For each item, choose A and suspend the action.

At this stage, it is not suitable for weight loss.


For each item, you have to work harder.

Need to strengthen education, fully understand weight loss, otherwise the failure rate is extremely high.


For each item, I would like to wish success, but still need to learn the correct way to eat, and lose weight to have a chance to succeed.
Every choice of D first wishes success, but still need to learn the correct way to eat, and lose weight to have a chance to succeed.


Congratulations on each item E!

The chances of losing weight are extremely high.

銆€銆€Test 3 How high is your weight loss IQ know your weight loss and success rate, but also know how much you know about effective weight loss.


If Berlin is a positive and active job, there is no need to exercise any more.


For B.

Wrong 2.

The 鈥渆xcluding misfortune鈥?written on the label of a certain food means that the product has no accidents.


For B.

Wrong 3.

Eat a medium-sized pear and eat two cups of watermelon diced, plus the time for the former to connect you to stay hungry.


For B.

Wrong 4.

Although some are slightly beneficial to health, it is only accidental that affects weight.


For B.

Wrong 5.

The best time to enjoy the deliciousness is after the exercise, because the metabolism in the body is active and can be quickly consumed.

For B.

Wrong 6.

High-protein foods can make the stomach feel fuller than high-fat foods.


For B.

Wrong 7.

Stop eating when you feel full.


For B.

Wrong 8.

The 113 gram bagasse is the same as the 113 gram ribs.


For B.

Wrong 9.

Saving a meal is by no means a sensible dieting.

For B.

Wrong 10.

If you eat less, your stomach will gradually become smaller.


For B.

Wrong 11.

Dieting dieters need to take one multivitamin pill daily.

銆€銆€A.For B.

Wrong 12.

The sugar content and transfer of juice are lower than that of carbonated drinks.

銆€銆€A.For B.

Wrong 13.

Compared with the transition ratio added at other times during the day, the conversions added after 8 pm are more likely to be converted into sputum.

銆€銆€A.For B.

Analysis of the wrong test results: 1.

If you choose the wrong answer on questions 1, 4, 5, 9, 10, and 13, it means that you may have misunderstood and still believe in the lie of losing weight.

At this time, you can check out and get more information about food and nutrition through the website of fitnessmagazine corn.


If you choose the wrong answer on questions 3, 6, and 7, you may not have the best food choice.

at this time.

You should eat high-fiber foods to fill your stomach when you eat, and make sure you have enough knowledge of protein and aunts.


If you choose the wrong answer on questions 2, 8, 11 and 12, it means that you lack the basic knowledge about nutrition, which will affect your efforts to lose weight.

At this point, you should look for a nutrition expert that suits you.


If your answer is completely correct, it means that you have successfully developed the skills of healthy eating, and you have to work harder and take it to the next level.