Kobe is closer to his basket,Jordan with the ball is not slower than Kobe!

“So fast!”
“Just kidding,this is35Hit nearly40Minute player?”
Key one-to-one!
Score!Comeback is expected!
Not enter!The bull hangs。
Jordan played countless key shots,He is calm as a machine。
The basketball is controlled by a pair of big hands,Makes people feel so relieved。
Jordan finally caught up with Kobe at the Lakers three-point line,Leaning against Kobe,Advance!
Confrontation!Jordan actively pursues physical confrontation!
Is to bully you and Kobe is weak!
Jordan is clearly unable to understand his own advantages!
Kobe’s chest is against Jordan’s shoulder!
Staring at the basketball!
Basketball guard on the other side,Looks out of reach of Kobe。
Jordan’s ball protection is perfect,No matter how critical the master is, there is no way to blame!
But he always has to play!
Right hand against Kobe!
Left-handed one-handed basket!