[Can raw soybean oil be eaten]_ Directly eatable_ Can you

[Can raw soybean oil be eaten]_ Directly eatable_ Can you

Raw soybean oil cannot be eaten. Generally, it needs to be processed into soybean oil after processing. This is a very common seasoning oil. This seasoning oil is rich in a lot of people ‘s bodyThe most common nutritional substance is that it is rich in essential fatty acids in the human body, which has a very good health and nourishing effect.

Soy oil contains a large amount of linoleic acid.

Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid of the human body and has important physiological functions.

Young children lack linoleic acid, the skin becomes dry, scales thicken, and development and growth are retarded; the elderly lack linoleic acid, which can cause cataracts and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Soybean oil has a fishy smell and can be removed after refining, but there is a potential for aftertaste during storage.

The beany smell is caused by linolenic acid and isolinoleic acid. Using selective exchange method to replace the linolenic acid content to the minimum and avoiding the formation of isolinoleic acid can basically eliminate the “aftertaste” of soybean oil.

When the refined soybean oil is stored for a long time, its color will change from light to dark. This phenomenon is called “color recovery”.

The color recovery of soybean oil is more significant than other oils, and the complex changes caused by automatic oxidation of oils may be the basic reason.

The method of reducing the moisture content of raw materials can prevent this phenomenon from occurring. This method is being widely used, which basically solves the color of soybean oil.

In addition to impurities, soybean oil also brings in some non-oily substances during processing. Unrefined hair oil contains 1% -3% phospholipids.

7% -0.

8% of sterols, as well as a small amount of protein and germ phenol, can easily cause rancidity, so soybean oil is not suitable for long-term storage unless impurities are removed without hydration.

In addition, in the long-term storage of refined soybean oil, the oil color will gradually become darker, which may be related to the automatic oxidation of fats. Therefore, when the color of soybean oil becomes dark, it should not be stored for a long time.

A soy product has a traditional habit of handmade soybean oil throughout the county.

This product adopts the traditional process of stone grinding beans, brine bittern, and earthen stove roasting pulp. It extracts the best part of tofu and hangs it. It is called yuba or bean skin.

Soybean oil has a golden color, a soft entrance, and a plain and pure beauty. It is a very famous traditional dish in East Hubei, and a unique fast food.