Mo Xiaosheng calmly said nothing,Glanced at Secretary Lan on the table,I feel that things seem strange,It seems that Tang Hao didn’t know,It is estimated that Secretary Lan deliberately failed to notify him,So as to make them foolish。

“Forget it,I won’t say which company it is。”Secretary Lan smiled eagerly,Fake road,“This kind of thing is voluntary!”
“No way,Must say!”
At this time, the white plaid suit splashed by Mo Xiaosheng suddenly stood up,High voice:“This is losing the face of our capital enterprise,Everyone said right?”
Everyone immediately agreed。
“speak out,Let’s resist it together!”
“Correct,speak out!”
Secretary Lan sees everyone in high spirits,Plucked the hair in my ear,Cast his eyes on Mo Xin Xueyan’s side,Pretending to be helpless:“Then I can only say,That’s Mo Xin Xueyan!”
“It’s okay!”
“Why do you have the face to sit here?!”
The people in the room immediately attacked Mo Xiaosheng’s table.。
“Who said we didn’t bring the collection?”
Mo Xiaosheng stood up with a smile,Stand up straight:“We not only brought,And also brought with it enough to kill all the company’s collections!”
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