Mo Xiaosheng was suddenly relieved when he saw the giant monkey on the ground,Some appreciative thumbs up at the two villagers,If not for them,May really be escaped by this giant monkey,And this forest is so big,It’s really difficult to catch it,Even scared it,It won’t be easy to find it in the future。

“This time you will remember your great achievements!”
Mo Xiaosheng said,While throwing the jade in his hand to the two villagers。
The two villagers looked overjoyed,Hurriedly received Yu Jue,Repeatedly thank Mo Xiaosheng。
Mo Xiaosheng then took over the tranquilizer in Fan Yan’s hand,Infuse the body of a giant monkey,Although it was knocked out now,But maybe I will wake up in a while。
Then everyone carried the giant monkey and followed the way they came before,Bypassing the snake nest,Go outside。
Wait for them to get out of the woods,It’s light up,Everyone carried the giant monkey back to the barracks。
Because Fan Yan notified Chief Tian on the way,So after they returned to the barracks,Hundreds of people have gathered at the gate of the barracks,In addition to the American medical associations such as Tian Shouchang and Anina、People outside the European Medical Association,And a group of villagers including the old village chief。
Everyone greeted me from afar,After seeing the huge monkey on the car,There was an uproar,The old village chief and the elders stared at the monkey with wide eyes,Unbelievable,They live so old,This is the first time I have seen such a big monkey。
“Whoops,God,There really is such a big monkey!”
“This monkey is fine,Caught it,Won’t get retribution!”
“Retribution,Didn’t you listen to Mr. Mo?,This monkey is the root cause of our illness!”
“Oh shit,We thought there was a mountain god,Turned out to be a monkey!”
Everyone said in a rush。
“Everyone,Everyone,We caught this monkey!”
The two villagers who led the way before have to stand up and say,“Don’t you know,This monkey has harmed many old people,In the cave,All dead!”
“Don’t touch it,Beware of the virus!”
The doctors from the American Medical Association and the European Medical Association shouted to the villagers。