But this thought disappeared after a flash in his mind,He is feeling a little lost now,No time to spare。

Two little nurses ran past Zhao Tuo,Zhao Tuo just glanced at them casually and then looked away,He didn’t really stay downstairs to bask in the sun to see the little girls passing by,That’s just an excuse he just said casually。
He knows that Yang Zhi is looking forward to talking to Shen Ruoxue for a while,So he deliberately asked everyone to go upstairs to rest,Stay by yourself,He wanted to give Yang Zhi a chance,A chance to be with his beloved girl,Just like Qin Liangcheng Li Hai and Xiao Yuer。
As for whether you can seize this opportunity,That’s what Yang Zhi has to do,He can only do his best to help him here。
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Chapter two thousand nine hundred and sixty four Strange
More patients take a nap in the afternoon,So although the weather is fine today,Sunny,But there are far fewer people in the hospital garden than before。
Zhao Tuo looked around,Those three foreign buddies are standing and chatting not far from the flower bed,And Xiao Yuer and Li Hai are still talking in the flower bed,Although the distance is a bit far,But you can still see that Xiao Yuer’s mood is very good……Because she smiles every now and then。
“They must feel very happy now。”
Zhao Tuo thought。
So he also thought of her,That quiet and delicate,Kind and lovely mandarin duck……
“Maybe we will be happy in the future。”
Zhao Tuo imagined in his mind how he would live with Mandarin Duck in the future,Can’t help but smile,I was upset and depressed just now,And naturally became peaceful and quiet。
“Actually, I shouldn’t be entangled with anything,No matter how good Kung Fu is,In any case, you can’t get over the boss,As long as I continue to practice hard and diligently,I now have the other half of the future,I should spend more energy on her affairs。”