ESPN wins Cavaliers number one culprit JR Smith

ESPN wins the Cavaliers number one culprit JR Smith, netting 48 points in four games
According to “ESPN” report, in the first four games, James clearly tried his best, and most of his partners also showed normal, even extraordinary levels.However, there is only one player who plays badly and can be called a scam.Smith has become a Cavaliers. According to statistics, in the past 4 games, when JR was on the court, the Cavaliers lost the opponent by 48 points (plus-minus, which can be interpreted as the stadium plus or minus).The specific distribution is that when the JR is on the field in the first game, the Cavaliers have a net loss of 8 points; when the JR is on the field, the Cavaliers have a net loss of 13 points; when the JR in the third game is on the field, the Cavaliers do not lose or win, positiveThe negative value is 0; when JR is on the court in the fourth game, the Cavaliers have a net loss of 27 points!  In other words, in the past four games, when the JR debut, the Cavaliers’ best result is to be comparable to the opponents.And more often, every time JR debuts, it means the Warriors’ counterattack follows.  For such a big pit, “ESPN” seems quite emotional.In the past 20 years, only one team can still win the championship when it has players with positive and negative values of -40 or more in the finals.This team was the Heat of 2013, when the “big pit” was the Flash Wade.In the 2013 Finals, Wade’s positive and negative values reached -54, which means that the Flash in the 2013 Finals, but during those times in the game, the Heat netted opponents by 54 points.  In the series with the Spurs, Wade netted 11 points in the first game, 4 points in the second game, 29 points in the third game, 5 points in the fourth game, 6 points in the fifth game, and six points in the sixth game.15 points, 7 points net loss of 2 points.  In the fourth game between the two sides, JR made 0 of 8 3-pointers, and the performance was terrible.(Yang Willie)