[How to eat longan jerky]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[How to eat longan jerky]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Longan is a southern fruit that produces Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian and other places. Because of its size, it is also known as longan, and it is loved by adults and children. Every family will buy longan to eat during the New Year.The reason for the seriousness is his nutritional value, which can replenish qi and blood, improve immunity, and improve sleep. Now we can see that there are many dried longan dried meat on the market. So how do you eat dried longan dried?


Snacks don’t get fat after eating longan, and they can eliminate the loneliness in your mouth. Think about it.

And dried longan has the potential to chew, and it tastes a little soft and sticky, and it is a bit troublesome when peeling dried longan. Dry longan is a kind of food that can be eaten as a snack.

When you want to eat, you can use dried longan to solve the problem. This will not only supplement the body with nutrients, but also prevent you from eating junk food to a certain extent.


Soak in water for daily use. We can also use longan dried to soak the water and drink it with medlar and red dates.

It can alleviate the dryness in winter and is good for nourishing lungs and diuretics.

There are many benefits to eating longan, especially for women who need to be cold and cold. Eating longan can not only strengthen our brain power, but also improve our physique of qi and blood deficiency in winter.

According to Chinese medicine, a woman’s main blood is that she often eats longan, and then her face will become rosy, which will also add longan to the ancient recipes that lead to breast enhancement.

In addition, longan has the effect of soothe the nerves, so it is very suitable for people with long-term insomnia. At the same time, it can improve blood vessel circulation and let us have a more stable mental state.

3 When my porridge was eaten, my mother often boiled red dates and longan porridge for me.

Just wash the red dates, cut them in half, remove the shells from the longan, rinse the meat, boil the water, add with the red dates, and put a little sugar in the porridge.

Sometimes I add some raisins.

Because I had anemia at the time, eating more of this would help replenish my blood and calm my nerves.

In addition, longan is very suitable for our anemia girls.

4 When the ingredients are longan, they can also be used as ingredients in the dish. Some kinds of chicken and eggs can be eaten together, because the dryness of longan is sweet. It can add a certain sweetness to our dishes and make it richer.It can also increase the nutritional value of the whole dish, and the nutrition of the main course can also transport the dried longan nutrition to our body.