If i don’t want to authorize,Sorry,You can’t use。

I don’t authorize you to use new products to compete with me in the market.?
Then kill you before you madly spend money to get the so-called new products out!
In short,As Intel, which has been in this field for decades, there are probably 10,000 ways to kill a newly emerging competitor.,But the other party can only do nothing。
This time for Huaxin Precision,Intel UnionAMDUsed the most rude way。
Price increase to parent company!
To the point where you can only lose money by selling a piece of equipment,See what you still use to subsidize it,Money burning industry。
This plan once made them very proud。
Because the negotiation with Huaxin Zhizhi is progressing smoothly,The other party has let go,In the future, support for Huaxin Precision will be gradually cut off。The two parties are about to form a formal contract。
But no one thought,At this time they suddenly ushered in a gentle knife from another Huaxia science and technology company!
Brain-computer chip!
So this is a different way?
“Are there specific technical parameters?Or,What function can this brain-computer chip achieve??”
No direct view report,But asked。
Before sending this kind of technical document to his desk,The technical department must have studied in depth,Listening to the explanations of these high-level technical experts in the company is naturally more efficient than going through the entire information。
“The specific technical parameters are still unclear。As for the realized function, it is probably brain-computer interaction。We receive news,Weihua has formulated a strategic plan around this chip。Before this new chip is officially taped out,Wei Huabian has begun to design a new generation of motherboards that reserve this chip location。”