So far,Two for thorough forming,Fan Ye,Han Geng,Super brother,Kai Kai,Group blue,Strong mess。</p>

babyHere,Chen He,Li Chen,Su Luo,Seemingly weak batch,Chen He looks like a big waist,Know the details,Won’t care about him。</p>
babyLooking at my own members,Sighed,too difficult。Chen He has a waist injury that is not worth mentioning,The relationship between Brother Chen and Sister Bingbing,Already known to everyone,Will you try to pay back two?,The only one who can live reliably is Su Luo alone。</p>
Director’s Road:“All right,Please go to our first venue today,Happy Valley。”</p>
Sitting in the program group came to a hotel nearby,Change the clothes given by the show team,Then set off to the Happy Valley mission location。</p>
Happy Valley,It’s just a park,Has been transformed and processed。</p>
Fan YehebabyDivided into two teams,Yellow team and blue team,It’s not equal in number alone。</p>
Four people over there,Three people here。</p>
There is one disabled general,Li Chen and Su Luo are the only ones who exert their strength。</p>
Because star artists hold event recording programs here,So the park is temporarily blocked,The running man’s staff,Unrelated people can only watch outside。</p>
Even so,There is still a crowd of people outside,A large piece of black,Several people greeted the fans,Another screaming frenzy。</p>
Soon,Wait for everyone to wear jumpsuits,Director’s Road:“Publish rules now,There are three rounds of the game。”</p>
The middle is a big quagmire,There is a stone platform in the center of the mire,As long as the whistle is over,Which goddess or knight is on it,Whoever wins。</p>
The director shouted:“Everybody。”Two groups stand on both sides of the quagmire,Oppose each other。</p>
The whistle just sounded,Everyone rushed out like an arrow from the string。</p>
First, Li Chen started the fastest,Directly dragged Fan Ye down,Thrown into the quagmire,Su Luo slapped his tongue。</p>
Brother Chen, this really broke out,To prove to everyone,Cruel hand here,I just don’t know if I will be punished if I go back。</p>
While thinking,Su Luo is not slow,Brother Chao and Han Geng are already on the stage,PutbabyPushed down mercilessly,Is picking up other people in their team。</p>
Chaos in the field,Su Luo appeared behind them silently,Catch with both hands,I grabbed the belt of the jumpsuit behind the two,Violently,The two exclaimed and were pulled down,It’s hard to take advantage of it,Team blue that jumped up。</p>