Although their Shrek Academy is not as powerful as the Spirit Hall and other sects,But their teachers desperately won’t let others bully their students!

Even if the opponent is Wuhundian!
Bibi Dong’s thin lips curl up,Sarcastically“Oh?teacher?Then don’t you know that you actually accepted an animal as a student??”
After hearing these words, Yu Xiaogang didn’t react,Asked“Bibi Dong,What do you mean?”
Bibi Dong glanced at him ironically,Lightly“Go ask her yourself”
Xiao Wu knows that she can’t hide her identity,There are tears in the corners of my eyes, full of apologies“Sorry,Mi,And everyone from Shrek Academy,I……It’s actually a 100,000-year soul beast!”
Oscar’s eyes widened,Unsettable“Xiao Wu is……One Hundred Thousand Years Soul Beast??”
Zhu Zhuqing looked at Xiao Wu distressedly,Slowly“No wonder Xiao Wu is alone every time she gets a spirit ring……”
Ning Rongrong smiled,“Even if Xiao Wu is a soul beast,We are also members of Shrek!”
Liu Erlong rubbed Xiao Wu’s head dozingly“Xiao Wu……do not worry,There is a mother,No one would dare to take you……”
Tang San’s eyes flashed with thought“I know that Xiao Wu is a soul beast,but,People in Wuhun Hall,How did you discover Xiao Wu’s identity?!”
See Tang San’s appearance,Xiao Wu knows what he is thinking,Qiang Yan said with a smile“Mi,Don’t think about it,Lovesickness broke my heart before……”
Tang San suddenly realized……Whispered“That’s it……”
Bibi Dong looked at the moving scene before him,Sneered“It’s really a warm scene!Shrek Academy owner,Hand over that soul beast,Wuhun Temple can forget the past!”
Yu Xiaogang takes the lead,Raised his hands and shouted coldly“impossible!Students who want to move us,Just pass our level first!”