“I have a TV in my room,But there is no you in my room。”

Qin Liang suddenly thought of this sentence!
Yang Shiyun didn’t know what to say immediately!Such sweet and lovely love words,She can’t refute even if she wants to refute。
“Have you there,Watching TV is fun,Without you,Let alone watching TV,Watching movies are dull。”
Qin Liang continued to coax Yang Shiyun with sweet words。
“Oops……So nauseous!I have goose bumps all over my body!”
Yang Shiyun was finally amused!
The public security chief,No matter what, she’s still a young girl,I have my beloved man by my side so sweetly coaxing,She is still very happy,Very enjoyable。
This is called;Forever,Flattering!Overwhelming,Love is not broken!
“Really?Come here, take off your clothes and let me see,I help you shake the goose bumps,Clean it up for you,what do you think?”
Qin Liang revealed his true shape in an instant……
“Pooh!In your dreams!”
Yang Shiyun rolled her eyes and said。
“I said Yang Niuniu,Long night,Sleepless,How about the value of the spring night?”
Qin Liang started to molest Yang Shiyun directly again,His purpose is for this。
“Don’t you think!I tell you,The swallow will be back soon,You better stop messing around!”
Yang Shiyun said immediately on alert。