Don’t miss this dish if you like tofu, it’s delicious and delicious. It’s easy to eat.


Don’t miss this dish if you like tofu, it’s delicious and delicious. It’s easy to eat.

Tofu is cheap and nutritious, and I still have a good nutrition. I want to share a bean curd today. If you like tofu, don’t miss this dish. If you want to eat a bowl of rice, you should eat two bowls, and then come with the meat.Do, and joined the Pixian bean paste, but also fragrant and delicious, especially the meal, the practice is also simple, is simply a decomposition of color and flavor, tofu is a soy product, eat more tofu bones, very important role, andIt can also supplement calcium and protein.

If you eat tofu regularly, the body function will become better and better, so if you cook at home, you must remember to make some tofu for your family. Share the following.

[Spicy pork tofu]Ingredients: 1 piece of northern tofu, 150 grams of pork, proper amount of oil and salt, 1 part of onion, 2 pieces of ginger, 2 pieces of garlic, 1 tablespoon of bean paste, 1 tablespoon of cooking wine, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, white sugar1 teaspoon, water starch amount of practice: 1.

Cut the tofu in half and cut it evenly into 1.

5 cm thick piece 2.

Cut the pork into slices 3.

Heat the pan and add heat to the tofu. Add the tofu to a small fire. Wait until the side is fried. Turn over the noodles and fry the other side. Fry the two sides to golden, and serve until the tofu is fried.Hard shell, turned over, turned early and easily broken 4 .

Saut茅 the onion, ginger and garlic, then saut茅 the pork slices, stir-fry the pieces, and turn the color to white.

Turn the pieces of meat to the side, saut茅 the saut茅ed bean paste in the Pixian County, stir fry the red oil, and stir well with the meat.

Pour in half a bowl of water, add soy sauce, cooking wine, a small amount of sugar, salt, boil over the fire, change the small fire, and burn the tofu into the taste 7.

When a small amount of broth is left, pour in the appropriate amount of water starch to thicken it. When it is heated until the broth becomes thick, turn off the heat and put it on the plate. Tips: Fry the tofu with a small fire, and fry the tofu with a big fire.Paste, tofu fried, it is easier to taste, Pixian bean paste should be fried with a small fire, stir-fry red oil taste, and finally with water starch thicken, can make the color red, look more appetite