Or anxious,A song is fine。

Speaking of this,Shen Huan has also been distressed recently with the song quota in his hand。
Han Donger’s last album in the mediocre studio,Various preparations have already started。
Wei Xi also fought her life,Charged her20Multiple songs,For her to choose。
Han Donger went to find a dozen songs by himself,Ready to give it a try,Which suits her。
Fans are looking forward to Han Donger’s second album。
Han Donger himself is a little queen,And lean on《I sing my song》Show bonus,Her fans are growing explosively,In three big days,Has already begun to distance himself from the other two。
As her“Gossip boyfriend”,Shen Huan’s movements are getting more and more attention from everyone。
Many people in the music industry have said,Han Donger’s second album,The lower limit must be to maintain the current momentum,Impossible to drop。
But if you want to hit the queen’s position,Then the upper limit is in the hands of Teacher Lu Xiaofeng。
If he treats Zhao Changshou like,I also tailor a few songs to Han Donger,So this album is a solid foundation for Han Donger to enter the diva!
Wei Xi also believes this,So I don’t know how many calls he made。
It’s just that Shen Huan usually doesn’t answer his calls。
Han Dong’er is very stable on his own,In micro chat and phone,Didn’t urge Shen Huan,Just discuss some songs she is interested in with Shen Huan,Seek Shen Huan’s opinion,To see if you want to include it in your new album。
Shen Huan’s music listening experience is more abundant than anyone else,Still a bit authoritative in this respect,Gave a lot of good opinions to Han Donger。
But anyway,Shen Huan’s most important task,I still have to prepare the title song for Han Donger’s album。