“What police to report,Yilin,This is on other people’s territory!”

Mo Xiaosheng smiled at Luo Yilin,There is a slight meaning in the words,Continue,“and,Did they come to us or say something else?,Do not worry,Nothing will happen!”
Luo Yilin bit her lip,Nodded gently,Then something seemed to come to mind,His complexion changed slightly,Chongmo Xiaosheng said,“Niche,You said,Will they be the ones Gao Zishan found?,For me?!”
Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but startled slightly,Don’t say,What Luo Yilin said is really possible!
“If it’s someone Gao Zishan found,Then there is no need to worry!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled faintly,A cold light flashes in my eyes,I thought to myself that these girls are really endless!
Mo Xiaosheng sat in the private room for a while,Not long,Suddenly came outside for a while“Da da”Footsteps,Then the door of the room was killed without warning“boom”Kick away,Several men in black jackets walked straight in,The leader seems to be in his thirties,Cheekbones raised,Grim complexion,Coldly glanced at Mo Xiaosheng, Luo Yilin and others,Looking at Luo Yilin in a deep voice,“You are Luo Yilin, right??Please come with us,There is another named Mo Xiaosheng?Also come out together!”
When the cold man speaks,I have reached into the waistband of the jacket,The people who came with him also reached into their jackets,no doubt,These people are all here with guys,That’s why I speak without fear。
Yuerenwang narrowed his eyes,Cold eyes burst,Preparing to move,But at this time the young driver suddenly stood up first,Step forward and look at the cold man,Said to the cold man with his head held up proudly,“What do you guys do?Do you know whose guest this is??this is‘Mr. Wind’Guest!Get out of there,I can promise not to tell Fengxian……”
Who knows he hasn’t finished,The cold man suddenly kicked him to the ground with a bang,Said in a disdainful voice,“Now I know all kinds of cats and dogs‘Mr. Wind’Yet?!”
For people who claim to know Mr. Feng,The cold man has seen no less than a hundred people,And before he did it, he specifically asked about Luo Yilin and Mo Xiaosheng.,I know that although they have a certain influence in the capital,But I don’t even know anyone in my name,That’s why he did it so unscrupulously。
Yue Ren Wang saw the young driver being kicked to the ground,Not only not angry at all,I couldn’t help but sneered,Said sarcastically at the young driver,“Mr. Feng’s reputation is really amazing,Reported,Changed foot!”
Originally, he wanted to kill these people directly,But now I see young drivers making a fool of themselves,Instead he stood still,I’m not in a rush,to him,See Hu Qingfeng’s people making a fool of yourself,Just watching Hu Qingfeng make a fool of yourself!
“you……Do you dare to beat Mr. Feng!”
The young driver didn’t expect this grim man to take the reputation of Mr. Feng so much.,Pointing at the grim man,“You wait,Mr. Feng will be there in a while,Do you know if I know Mr. Feng?!”
While talking, the young driver has already taken out his phone,Ready to call。
The grim man took a sharp step,Kicked the young driver again,Looking at the young driver from top to bottom coldly,“Tell you,Mr. Feng is here,I’ll hit you too!”