And Ou Baobao can’t inquire about Nini’s investment plan,Even the investment projects she is interested in,She can’t even ask。

So Baby Ou only knows that Nini makes money and loses money basically the same,But how much did she earn and how much she lost,What project did,She has no idea。
“There is always a lot of discussion。Nini is also used to it。But the class group is a public platform,Discuss other students’ private affairs like this,Even with ridicule,This is not so good, right?”but,Baby Ou can understand,“It’s a public platform after all,There is a gold medal for freedom of speech.I’ll talk to Nini。”
School season,There are always more right and wrong,If there are any good-looking transfer students then,Nini will be left behind by her classmates。
Song Menghai smiled and agreed。
in fact,Song Menghai has been in the same class with Bao Bao from the second grade,Till now。I also know Bao Bao’s attitude towards her two friends。
Concerned with care and preference,But it’s not mindless,The type that a mouthful of sisters walk together all their lives。
Is the kind of dreamlike gentleman。
Only with Ou Baobao,Zhuge Yaoniang and Yin Nini will maintain their best condition。
Leaving Ou Baobao,Zhuge Yaoniang is a lunatic,Yin Nini,Too vicious.
When will Ou Baobao discover the true colors of these two men??
Song Menghai is very worried。Not just him,in fact,Countless people,All have this trouble。
but,In front of baby Ou,Lian Song Menghai,I still care about people like Yin Nini。
Just for baby ou。
“correct,I heard from the teacher,After school starts,Our school will be with another private school,Form a gang of school pairs。The one on the south side of the imperial capital,Private school called Huiqun。There will be exchange groups,There will also be exchange student experience activities。Besides,There are many competitions。After school starts,It should be lively。”Song Menghai is also from the Student Union,When I have a meeting at school in summer,The teacher told the student union in advance。Prepare them。
This is the first time this kind of pair school。Baby Ou is a little curious,“A bunch of words,Just not as good as our school?Wouldn’t it become something like life experience again??”
In high school,Schools discarded computer desks and chairs and other teaching supplies,Donated to an ordinary school outside。The school found a TV station,Dedicated a thank you and exchange program。Then the school picked a few students,Let the teacher take,With the TV program group,Go there for a friendly exchange。Mainly to cooperate with that school as a publicity。