Is the highly toxic Hedinghong related to the Great Wall?丨 Uncover the secret variety Great Wall

Is the highly toxic Hedinghong related to the Great Wall?丨 Uncover the secret variety “Great Wall”
After the broadcast of “The Great Wall”, many audiences felt that the Great Wall still has so many “cold knowledge” that they did not know: there was the Great Wall at sea, and Hedinghong was actually the material for building the Great Wall.In which section of the Great Wall, the program combines entertainment and knowledge to complement each other.The director of the show, Chen Di, said in an exclusive interview with Sauna Nightnet that he hopes to put “Great Wall” in the most cultural variety show or the most variety show in cultural shows.Why are these guests?Yang Chaoyue dared to say that the little girl who is not Jiao Didi invited Liu Ye, Ruan Jingtian, Yang Chaoyue, Huang Minghao, Yang Di, Zhou Shen, Shen Nan as the Great Wall Brickman of seven stars.In the last ten sections of the Great Wall, learn about the history and culture of the Great Wall.The personalities of the seven stars of the Great Wall Brickmen are obviously different. Most of them are familiar with each other and can quickly break the ice in the first episode.From the personality point of view, they also have different roles.”Big Brother” Liu Ye is in charge of physical strength, and “Second Brother” Ruan Jingtian is in charge of “inspecting information.” Shen Nan, Zhou Shen, and Yang Di are full of humor, and they are the binder of the whole group.Yang Chaoyue and Huang Minghao, as the idols of the younger generation, are straightforward and brave to try.At the same time, Yang Chaoyue is also recognized as a curious baby, and is a divergent and extender of the topic.Yang Chaoyue has a great sense of variety.The picture comes from the network Chen Di said that when selecting guests, the first criterion to see is whether the star has variety, will it be fun in the show.Chen Di said frankly that in the first phase of the guest, he found that no matter whether it was Liu Ye or Yang Chaoyue, they answered the correct question and were really not aware of the wrong answer.”They represent audiences of the same age who understand the Great Wall, and can give the audience a sense of substitution in the process of answering questions.”Yang Chaoyue has a very good” variety sense “,” because she dare to say, try, not the kind of charming girl, she dare to break the rules, very suitable for this show.”In the show, Yang Chaoyue saw the portraits of the emperors of different dynasties, and would say,” How come these emperors look the same? “(Even if it is a father, grandson and son), should n’t that son be like a mother?”When going to the Guanhai Tower, Yang Chaoyue would ask,” Will they go to the sea and catch seafood? “”These questions seem to be nonsensical, but they may also be questions that many audiences will ask. If they are other stars, they may be embarrassed to ask, but Yang Chao has no such” rule of sense “.Why is the Great Wall?The Great Wall is completely different from the imaginary program. When the brick moving team visited the “Old Dragon Head” of the Great Wall of the Sea, they discussed how the ancients repaired the Great Wall in Haili. Yang Di’s “Dry Season Repairing the Great Wall” triggered a laugh.Ruan Jingtian said: “How can there be a dry season in the sea?”After laughter, the program popularized the construction method of the Great Wall of the Sea-first put large stone pillars into the sea as the foundation stone, and then use molten iron to cast it horizontally and vertically to strengthen between the stones.Today, it is difficult for us to imagine how the ancients completed this complicated and huge offshore project.The cultural IP of the Great Wall is finally no longer a symbol and an intention, and is equipped with a knowable and perceptible cultural carrier for imagery.”The Great Wall” has also completed the “promising education” in the old but difficult to achieve variety proposition.In doing so, Chen Di said that although he sometimes worried about himself, was the terrain of the Great Wall too simple, would the resulting program look bad?But after stepping on the point, I found that the Great Wall is completely different from what I imagined.The first episode was recorded in Shanhaiguan. The Great Wall brickmen played the game while smashing “mountain”, “sea”, “guan”-Mountain Great Wall, Sea Great Wall and Guancheng, unconsciously subverting everyone. “Great Wall is a sectionThe traditional impression of the “wall”: the Great Wall can be on the mountain or on the sea. A section of the wall is the Great Wall, and a gate tower is also the Great Wall. The “Great Wall” is a defensive system.The hanging basket device that was finally connected to the question was an imitation of the device of the solid enemy building on the Great Wall. At that time, the soldiers at the border could only go up and down through the gangway through the hanging basket. The program was combined and the situation.The meaning of each architectural level.Ruan Jingtian sat in a hanging basket to answer questions.The picture comes from the network Why can learn cold knowledge?After the experts of the Great Wall Association gave guidance on the first episode of “The Great Wall”, many viewers felt that the Great Wall still had so many “cold knowledge” that they did not know.After the conversion of the “final examination” of the program, after Ming Ming, Huang Minghao of the Great Wall brick realized that “Heding Red” was a poison, he answered confidently that “Heding Red” must not be the material for building the Great Wall in ancient times.error.It turned out that “Hedinghong” was used by the ancients to build the Great Wall to prevent shattering.When talking about where the inspiration for these “cold knowledge” questions and answers came from, Chen Di said that in the process of stepping on the point, the program team has come to many places, and every place has heard many stories related to the construction of the Great Wall.Summarize the learned stories and knowledge, and select some content that is more interesting to the audience to present.In addition, the program producer invited experts from the Great Wall Association to guide the program every period.■ “Great Wall” little knowledge ● “News Network” opening: Jinshanling Great Wall appeared in the national anthem of “News Network” opening.The predecessor of CCTV, Beijing Television, began broadcasting the national anthem as the program start song at 7:05 pm from May 1, 1958. This arrangement not only strengthened the citizens’ concept of the country, but also promoted the spirit of patriotism.Until September 2004, the CCTV set was revised, and the national flag was raised before the “News Network”, and the national anthem was played at 5:55 in the morning, which was synchronized with the Tiananmen Flag Raising Ceremony, and before the “News Network”Rebroadcast ads.● The Great Wall at sea: We all know that there is the Great Wall in China, and we all think that the Great Wall is on land. We never thought that the Great Wall has a section at sea. This is to prevent someone from sneaking in while the sea is ebb. The ancients would rather putThe Great Wall is repaired a little deeper into the sea, which also has the “Great Wall at Sea”.● Which section of the Great Wall was Meng Jiangnv crying: Meng Jiangnv did not cry the Great Wall. This is just a legend. The section of the Great Wall in Shanhaiguan, due to the loose soil here, caused the foundation of this section of the Great Wall to be unstable and prone to collapse.Confession can only use legend to explain the phenomenon.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading Zhai Yongjun