The brain is tired and lifeless?


Ten bad habits cause trouble

The brain is tired and lifeless?
Ten bad habits cause trouble

In modern society, due to fierce competition and increased pressure, people’s brains are generally tired and lacking in anger.

In order to maintain a young and creative mind, modern people must avoid some bad habits and pay attention to the surrounding environmental factors.


Those who despise breakfast and do not eat breakfast have more blood sugar than normal supply, and have insufficient nutrient supply to the brain, which is harmful to the brain over time.

The quality of breakfast and the development of intelligence are also closely related.

According to the study, the best thinking of children who eat high-protein breakfast in the classroom is generally relatively extended, while the children’s mood and energy decline are relatively fast.


Long-term satiety modern nutrition studies have found that after eating too much, the amount of substances in the brain called “fibroblast growth factor” will increase significantly.

These fibroblast growth factors can increase the number of capillary endothelial cells and cause a atherosclerosis, leading to premature aging and mental decline.


Children with excessive sweets and sweets often have long-term IQ.

This is because the development of children’s brain is inseparable from the protein and vitamins of food poisoning, and sweets can damage appetite, reduce appetite, reduce the substitution of high protein and multivitamins, leading to functional malnutrition, which affects brain development.


The main way to eliminate fatigue in the brain is to sleep.

Long-term lack of sleep or poor quality will only accelerate the decline of brain cells, and smart people will become confused.


Long-term smoking German medical scientists have shown that long-term smoking causes brain tissue to shrink to varying degrees and is prone to Alzheimer’s disease.

Because long-term smoking can cause the cerebral artery 6 .

There are leaf areas in the brain that have a special language. Frequent speech can also promote the development of the brain and achieve the function of exercising the brain.

In general, you should say something rich and have alternative philosophical or logical words.

The whole day is silent, and people who are not scornful are not necessarily smart.


When the hooded sleeping person sleeps in the hood, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the quilt rises, the oxygen concentration decreases continuously, and the long-term inhalation into the dirty air is extremely harmful to the brain.


Reluctance to think is the best way to exercise your brain.

Only with more brains and diligent thinking can people become smarter.

On the contrary, the unwillingness to use your brain can only accelerate the degradation of the brain, and the smart person will become stupid.


When the sick brain is in a state of discomfort or illness, it is reluctant to insist on inefficiency in learning or work, and it is also prone to brain damage.


Air pollution The brain is the organ that consumes the most oxygen in the body. Only the extra oxygen supply can improve the efficiency of brain work.