“Sister,Xiaoxue and others are there to protect, right??”

Liu Xiaoyun deliberately asked again,She still cares about her best girlfriend。
“Yep,Each of you four has someone secretly protected,Follow Xiaoxue,It’s our master,Don’t worry,But don’t tell people that I told you this。”
Yanzi is the same as Qin Liang,I don’t want others to know about my release,Because they are all warriors who regard death as home,So many times,They don’t want people to see the soft part of themselves。
“I won’t say it,I’m not stupid。”
Liu Xiaoyun actually just wants to know if Shen Ruoxue is safe,Now I know that Qin Liang is protecting Shen Ruoxue in secret,She immediately relieved her heart。
“Correct,I know you are not stupid,The master has praised you for being smart with ice and snow more than once on many occasions,Now i also found out,You are indeed a very smart girl。”
Yanzi didn’t mean to praise Liu Xiaoyun this time,Qin Liang did praise Liu Xiaoyun for his resourcefulness in front of everyone time and time again,Today Yanzi confirmed Liu Xiaoyun with his own eyes“extraordinary”Great mind and strong hands-on ability,She is really convinced。
“correct,Sister,Have you participated in many real battles??”
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Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Foresight