One of them came out from under the feet of a running soldier,Swallow his leg directly,The soldier screamed and shot and killed,But the bullet hitting the sand worm is not very effective,Failed to save my life,Swallowed alive。Bright red blood spilled from the sandworm’s mouth,Bloody horror。

“Incendiary!”There is a soldier shouting。
Incendiary bombs hit the giant sandworm,The flare also rose to the sky at this time,The stern alarm sounded at the same time。
The instructors who brought the newcomers to the trial have seen it,I heard,Rush back as fast as possible。
But they can’t save Xu Wan no matter how fast,Giant sandworm second attack,Has fallen on Xu Wan,The five-petal mouth bit Xu Wan’s waist almost indiscriminately,And drag her underground。
Just ten minutes apart,Many instructors have not rushed back,A military transport helicopter landed at the camp,Ning Beizhi and Huang Kai walked down from the helicopter with twelve newcomers including Gan Yifan and Wu Heng。
First144chapter:Weird rescue
This time the giant sandworm is coming,Nine dead and wounded soldiers,Five of them died on the spot,Four people were injured in varying degrees,Two other people don’t know the life and death,One of these two is Xu Wan。She and another soldier were dragged into the sand,The odds of survival are slim,Just didn’t die on the spot,Not included in the death list,But basically no one thinks that the two have any hope of survival。
Smoke and fire in many places at the scene,Sand pits left behind by the retreat of giant sandworms,Only one giant sandworm was burned to death on the spot by a fire bomb,The corpse of a worm that is more than ten meters long is still lying on the sand,Tattered,Foul smell。
“what!”Among the selected student soldiers is a girl,I was dizzy just after getting off the plane,Suddenly saw the corpse not far away,Suddenly screamed,Fainted。
Nobody cares about her,Everyone was stunned by the vision。
Injured person in emergency,The dead didn’t even leave their bodies,Bunker,Running back and forth with the crowd,The gravel is flowing and filling。
“This is where the first sandworm appeared。”Zhao Xionglie whispered,“Xu Wan……Xu Wan’s first discovery,Sandworms came out of her feet……Sorry,head,I didn’t take care of her,At the time of the incident, I was taking Haoheng to the depths of the desert……”
Ning Bei Zhi quietly standing beside the sandpit,Dignified,Silent,Zhao Xionglie reported,He closed his eyes。A long time passed,He suddenly opened his eyes,Staring straight at the sand dune not far away,Amazing:“Xu Wan is not dead。”
Xu Wan is not dead?