even,If possible,I can watch Qin Shi die in front of me。

Peng Jin,Brother finally wants to avenge you!
then,Peng Huan took out his phone,I dialed Lin Yun’s phone number。
Qin Shi and Lin Yun are together,The two are discussing where to go tomorrow。
Lin Yun rarely offered to go out to play,After all, I had to make money to support my family before,Work too tired,No time to play。
And now,Although my father’s injury is miraculously healed,The situation at home has improved a lot。
But still busy,Because I have two companies under my hand to take care of。
Because the Lin Group is also counted on Lin Yun’s head,So the focus of New Century Group’s work,Put it on Lin Zhiqiang。
This is also compelling。
but!Nowadays,Qin Shi heard a shocking good news。
Lin Yun,Actually invited Qin Shi out for a meal!
This is an unprecedented initiative!
This little girl,Did you finally get it?!
Qin Shi is in a very beautiful mood now,Are discussing arrangements for going out tomorrow,Lin Yun’s phone rang。
really,Called by Peng Huan。
Lin Yun has never saved Peng Huan’s call,So only a bunch of strange numbers are displayed on the screen。
Lin Yun answered the phone。
Peng Huan said coldly on the other side:“Deputy Dong Lin?”
Which group Lin Yun thought she was from,So asked:“it’s me,what’s up,You say。”