Yun Cai waved his hand,Said:“No need to,I will do it myself,No one needs you,Whatever you should do。”

Wu Youfu said:“Sanyuan is such a big place,How do you find,You talk about the general situation,I just send someone to find it,Why bother with you?”
“You do not understand,I have to find it myself,I need this process。I can’t find it anymore。”
Wu Youfu didn’t say anything when he said that。
The old man had a good rest in the afternoon,So I am very energetic at night,Since most of the travel matters are Peng Changyi’s ideas and ideas,This work report is mainly based on Peng Changyi。
Peng Changyi returned to the Haihou base very late,He really wants to see the Kyrgyz political commissar,By the way, tell him about naming the motorized well,But too late,Let’s talk about it tomorrow morning。
at night,Jiang Fan called him,Tell Peng Changyi,He has received an invitation from Sanyuan,And on the opening ceremony of the Peach Blossom Festival,Guarantee it yourself。
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Come the day before,I want to talk to you about some things。”
Jiang Fan hesitated,The current Peng Changyi is no longer the old Peng Changyi,He is also the head of a county,He knows his ability and level,Just said:“Ha ha,You are so busy,Won’t mess with you,I promise to attend your opening ceremony。”
“it is good,I am waiting for you。”
the next day,Peng Changyi just got up,I received a call from an unfamiliar number,After he connected,It’s Yuncai Yun,So early,Why did he find himself?original,Qie Yun asked him to come early,Take him to eat biscuits wrapped in donkey meat。
Peng Changyi smiled,Xin said this old comrade is very interesting,Actually still thinking about it,Just said:“Ok,I will start,I bought it for you。”
Don’t know,Qie Yuncai said:“I don’t want you to buy it back to eat,I want to eat with you,You hurry up,Otherwise Xiaowu will be there,He definitely won’t let me go out to eat,Xiuxiu hasn’t started yet,I called you secretly。”
Ha ha,Peng Changyi couldn’t help but laugh,Said:“Ok,You are waiting,I will be there soon。”
Peng Changyi quickly picked up the handbag and went out,He called Old Gu,So he hurried to the hotel。seriously,He also wants to have a chance to be alone with Yun Yun,Just give him this chance,He promised to make him happy。
last night,When Yun Yun said he wanted to eat biscuits wrapped in donkey meat,Was rejected by Wu Youfu,As Wu Youfu,Of course he doesn’t want Peng Changyi and Qi Yun to be alone.,Peng Changyi understands this subtle mind,He doesn’t want to always surround him,So as not to make Wu Youfu jealous,and so,Yesterday afternoon, I deliberately didn’t rush back to accompany Yun Yun to have dinner,Don’t know,Donkey meat wrapped in biscuits that I didn’t mean to say,Actually recruited the elderly“Glutton。”
Less than ten minutes,Peng Changyi appeared at the entrance of the hotel,From a long time ago, I found out that Yuncai Yun had been waiting quietly by the roadside.。
Peng Changyi quickly get off,Said:“Qilao,You are wrong,You come out quietly,They can’t find you in a while.。”