Shen Huan didn’t urge him,Sip your own black tea slowly。

Wang Zhen and Zhang Yaya took the opportunity to sit over,And asked in a low voice what was going on。
Although they can understand English,But if you don’t understand the ins and outs,,I don’t know what they are talking about。
Shen Huan doesn’t treat them as outsiders,I told them about the specific causality。
“Oh,This is not reliable!”Wang Zhen studies media,I also know a lot about the film and television industry,“Yanhuang Pictures also had a lot of investments in the United States before,But most of them were scammed!As a last resort,They just started to start a theater business in the US,This is a little better!
These people in Hollywood,To defraud funds,Dare to do anything!They were grandsons when I beg you,You gave money,They are the uncles!”
“Yes,I see inside,Hollywood people are shameless,Dare to do anything false,Obviously making money will be turned into not making money by them,Really!”Zhang Yaya vowed to say。
Shen Huan nodded while listening,The two women’s suggestions are really dry。
In fact,Hollywood people are more exaggerated than they say,There is no bottom line at all。
The pondering teenager assured them:“Don’t worry,If it’s not reliable,I won’t be so stupid to invest。But this script is very good,Have a chance to try。”
“You are not a professional,How do you know if the script will work?”Wang Zhen persuaded again。
“But I have the most powerful writer and screenwriter in the world as a staff。”Shen Huan laughed。