The master turned around and looked at a few people kindly。

“Although it failed this time,But it is also a kind of growth for you,Lin Yan was negligent this time,I should have guessed that he is from the Sky Dou Royal Team。”The master sighed。
“Little monsters are kind to you too,Grow in failure,Failure is the mother of success,Fate will not always protect you or neglect you,Destiny will open a window for you when you close a door。”Flander yelled everyone back from the loss。
“Ok,Shrek Seven Devils Fearless!”
And everyone in the Royal team looked at Lin Yan angrily,This time it all belongs to Lin Yan。
“Lin Yan, why did you do this,Do you know that we will win the game soon!”Yu Tianheng roared,He is really unwilling,Unwilling to give victory to others。
“Want to know why I chose to give up this game??”
“Ok!”Several people nodded and looked at Lin Yan。
“First, your self-confidence is too arrogant,Don’t think that if you have a higher spirit power than your opponent, you can crush your opponent,This is also the first key to underestimating the enemy’s loss,The second is your lone goose,Friendship first, second game,If I’m not there, the seven Shrek monsters will be hit hard by your poison,This is why I lost the game,We owe them back then,In addition, although they won the game,But we are actually!”
“we?What do you mean!”
“What do you mean?”
“All right,Lin Yan is right,Please adjust your status and redeem your points,It’s been a long time since Lin Yan exchanged the silver bucket badge last time,How many points will be added this time,I have something to go out。”After speaking, Qin Ming walked out of the room and ran towards Shrek.。
“I’ll go to you during the break!”Speaking, Lin Yan also walked out of the room to the venue for points exchange。
“Hello there,I want to exchange points!”