The ancient gods are not mentally retarded,Y’Shaarj just gave up thinking。

Let’s not talk about Y’Shaarj,Speaking back to Erezalas。
“You have studied for so long,What do you think about the well of soul。”
Carlos doesn’t want to tell a story with Isoregus,The troubles of the ancient gods are held by night elves,Don’t need him to take the lead,No need to take trouble。
“You prevented a disaster from happening……”
“Don’t buckle me up,speak English。”
Isoregus, who had been communicating with Carlos in Salas before, repeated it in Common。
“You prevented a disaster from happening……”
“Comer,give away……”
“I am telling the truth。”
“……Then you continue。”
“The principle of the mirror world is not complicated,It is not difficult to crack with brute force。The only problem is the well of soul wrapped in the mirror world。Although I don’t know where Tosidlin obtained this magic ritual,But obviously,He was cheated。This so-called well of soul cannot reconnect with the well of eternity。Those irritated souls stirred up more explosive energy,The purpose from the beginning was unique,explosion。Whether your majesty intends,No matter what,You made the most appropriate disposal。otherwise,Now the whole Feralas has gone to heaven。Physical heaven。”
“Both sides of the mirror world,Looks mysterious,But it always needs a reference point。Torsedlin used himself as that reference point,At this time his soul has been immersed in the well of soul,The bust that stayed at the ceremony site is just the cornerstone to maintain the existence of the mirror world。It’s the right thing to prevent others from harming Torsedrin’s body.,Otherwise the mirror world collapses,The well of soul must erupt。”