Shen Zhiyue is not hurried or slow:“You let him strike,Leave him。”

Lu Shanshan feels that Shen Zhiyue is getting black belly recently,Now she is a member of the Shen family,Naturally, Shen Zhiyue can’t be left to chaos。
She got up to tidy up her clothes,Shen Zhiyue was so angry that he wanted to throw her with a pillow:“You liar,Said to stay with me,The result is deceptive。”
Lu Shanshan responded:“I did not lie to you,Come,this is for you,See this,You just see me。”
Shen Zhiyue looked at the Kate cat on the palm of his hand,Speechless:“Can you buy a bigger one,so small,I will lose it anytime。”
Lu Shanshan responded:“Do you want to buy a big one for you?Don’t you hate pink and tender things the most?I know you are shy,I’m not used to such cute little things,So buy a small keychain first,Let you get used to it。”
Shen Zhiyue squeezed the little Kate cat accessories,Finally dissatisfied:“Dare you go,I just threw you Kate cat away。”
Lu Shanshan quickly grabbed the trinket back:“Don’t throw the kitten,Kittens are every girl’s best friend,You are wayward,Believe it or not, I changed everything in your room to pink。”
Although Shen Zhiyue likes Lu Shanshan,,But he is not strong enough to accept pink。
“Ok,You go,I don’t want to see you anymore。”
Lu Shanshan put the kitten on the bedside table,Patted Shen Zhiyue’s quilt:“be good,I will see you tomorrow。”
After Lu Shanshan leaves,Shen Zhiyue scolded his second brother in his heart。What’s the matter with his second brother?,Don’t know to help him,So that he can spend the spring evening with his beloved woman,Although it’s just a quilt chat,Can’t do anything,But it’s also enjoyable。
Humph,Smelly brother,I’m single and I’m still single with my younger brother,I am a workaholic,I have to be a workaholic with my brother,Excessive!
Shen Zhilan knew that his brother went to find Lu Shanshan again,She’s a little jealous when she is a brother,But still accept this little couple。
“brother,I am back。”
Lu Shanshan comes home,Second brother Shen Zhilan wears home clothes,Seems to have been home for a long time。
Shen Zhilan holding a laptop,Keep your eyes on the screen,No time to control Lu Shanshan。
Wait until Lu Shanshan comes to him,He just spoke:“So why did you distract mom,Did mom secretly say that you and Lu Shanshan will be separated?This is impossible,Mother is bright,She has always been more inclined to let me control you,Since I agree,She can’t disagree。”
Lu Shanshan is hard to say,She really didn’t do this,It’s Shen Zhiyue asshole,Don’t want to inherit the family business,So she caused a lot of trouble。
Lu Shanshan stroked her hair:“I just think mom is tired too,The holiday vacation。”