Listening to Xia Chenglong’s gentle voice to explain the origin,Zhao Shaojiu didn’t have much expression on her face,Until the other party finishes,Zhao Shaojiu said dazedly:“Can you avenge my third brother?Revenge,I believe you。”

Zhao Family Great Change,Let this girl who originally lived in the greenhouse see the sinister world,Also saw the ugliest side of human nature。
Torture、betray、conspiracy、plot……These words that can only be seen in books in the past,In this year,Became the majority of Zhao Shaojiu’s life。
Xia Chenglong smiled slightly:“I come this time,I personally avenged Qingshan and Zhao’s family,People involved in this,All have to die。”
“As long as you can do it,Be a horse,I thank you!”
Zhao Shaojiu has a firm face。
What kind of comradeship points,What brotherhood,She doesn’t believe it now。
The Zhao Family Standing in Bincheng for a Century,Accumulate Virtue and Do Good,Kindness,People who have been favored by the Zhao family don’t know where,But when the Zong family is in trouble,Those who had received favor from the Zhao family not only didn’t help,Instead, they became accomplices one by one,Anxiously rushed to the Zhao family to drink blood and eat meat!
As long as it can bring down the Zong family,As long as you can get revenge,She is willing to sacrifice everything!
“A word!You don’t have to be a cow,As long as you live well。”
Distrust of Zhao Shaojiu,Xia Chenglong didn’t care,He is here,Just because Zhao Qingshan is his brother。
“Aunt,Your arm hurt?”
Little Zhao Qianqian ran to Zhao Shaojiu,Holding her hand affectionately,Rub the back of your hand with your small face,This is the most fun game between her and aunt。
But under a pull,Zhao Qianqian saw Auntie’s arm,There was a big bruise!
“Older sister,How is this going?Who hit?”
Wang Lianzhi pulled up Zhao Shaojiu’s sleeves,My eyes were wet with tears。
I saw the white jade arm,There is a palm-wide bruise,Traces of blood,Slowly ooze。
Xia Chenglong’s eyes narrowed,Zhao Shaojiu was beaten?
“Sister-in-law is not in the way,A little injury。”