Draw a conclusion in the small meeting room,In the big conference room, the rules can be determined immediately based on the plan negotiated by the big guys,Then implement。

It can be said that both parties have shown full sincerity。
From the perspective of Jing Yongjun, you can indeed breathe a little。
Showing this sincerity at least shows that Intel has the possibility of concession,This probably also shows that what Yu Xingwei said yesterday was not without purpose。
So in the meeting room,Thinking of seeing the one who never met,But he helped Huaxinzhi build Wang Zongshi who speaks righteously,Jing Yongjun’s mood is still quite agitated。
But when Wang Yufei led Lu Yuxin into the meeting room,Jing Yongjun’s mood became complicated and unspeakable,Although I know I should be calm on this occasion,But still can’t hide emotions。
For no other reason,The two children look too young。
Although I have seen a few photos left by the two on the Internet last night,With heart preparation,But after all, when you see a real person, you can see the youthfulness that hasn’t had time to fade away。
This makes Jing Yongjun feel that he can’t describe the young man in front of him as young and promising.,Bad taste。
This also directly caused Jing Yongjun to struggle with a title for a long time……
“Iso,Mr. Stephen,It’s an honor to meet both。”
Wang Yufei speaks first,So it eased some of Jing Yongjun’s mixed emotions。
“President Wang,Thank you for the support of Changxiang Technology,This must be Miss Lu, right,Nice to meet you。”
Jing Yongjun held Wang Yufei’s hand with both hands and said。
Although my heart is embarrassing,But be a man。
“king,Finally see you,You may not know that I often talk to you with Mr. Cook,He has always praised you,I’m sorry I couldn’t bring you to Apple。of course,And this lady Lu。”Stephen follows the basic law of China’s first meeting,Gave out a tall hat。