The Otsuki Mokurashi who turned into evil fire looked at the evil wood and said。

“I am a big pipe,Now it’s the supernatural beast evil wood。”
Emu smiled and said。
“You say you are a big tube?!”
Big tube peach style slightly surprised。
“That’s the old man。”
Otsuki Mokurashi looked at the evil wood and said。
“Compared to this,It’s more important for you to check your body,It took me a lot of effort to bring you back to life,At the same time, I replaced you with a body。”
“Indeed a strong body。”
Datongmu Jinshi said。
“You are no longer a family of big pipes,But a clan of supernatural beasts。”
Siyue who keeps mumbling the name of Bo,A large number of Hewei came out from behind him,While drilling into the ground,Wrap up the moon,Earthquakes began to occur throughout the country of water。
“Big barrel wood one type,How is this going?!”
Otsu Mokura Shiki looked at Emu and asked。
“I do not know either,and also,I’m going to call me the name of the supernatural beast,You too,Since it has become a supernatural beast,I’m going to abandon everything that I used to be the Datongmu clan,Including my name in the Datongmu clan。”
Heu, who keeps drilling in from the ground, attacks all the creatures in the land of water,Including zombies。
“Hey,Blogger,Do you know what this is?”
Kagura turned his head and looked at the modern blogger and asked。
“do not know.”