“What time is the meeting in the afternoon?”

Song Zhihou said:“4:30pm,Mayor Zhu said you can’t come back if the meeting ends too early,After the meeting, everyone can go straight to the hotel。”
“Ok,How did the city express?”Peng Changyi continued to ask。
Song Zhihou answered:“Secretary-General Lu, both of us did it,Bought her a good set of bedding,Bought another set of high-quality porcelain,Plus a pure wool carpet,There is still half a year’s bonus for government officials。”
Peng Changyi thought about it:“How big is that carpet?”
Song Zhihou said:“Always take care of,1.8 meters by 2.5 meters,Put down the passenger seat,Barely able to let go,But you have to tilt it up,Otherwise can’t let go。It is estimated that there will be only one driver and Secretary Shu in this car tomorrow,Because there is only one seat behind。”
Peng Changyi thought for a while,Stop asking Shu Qing’s questions,But to ask old Gudao:“Old Gu,Have you seen Nana in the last few days??”
Old Gu said:“No,She is about to take the exam。”
Peng Changyi asked again:“How is Nana’s mother’s relationship with Lao Kang??”
Old Gu said:“Haven’t heard anything in recent days?You didn’t ask Nana when you came back last week?”
Peng Changyi said:“She is about to take the exam,How dare I gossip with her。”
Old Gu said:“That’s all right,Quarrels are normal,Don’t say they joined the team halfway,Isn’t the original couple often quarreling??”
Peng Changyi puts down Shen Fang’s problem,Keep asking:“What about Ronman’s company??Xiao Song knows?”
Song Zhihou said:“I haven’t heard the news these days,I heard the other day that Yu Dakai wanted to buy Boss Rong’s company,No one seems to be talking about this recently。”
Old Gu said:“Two days ago I saw Rongman come to Mayor Zhu,I stayed with her driver for a while,Listen to her driver,It seems that Mayor Zhu is helping Ronman run this,While eating,It’s Yu Da,Yao Jing also participated,I guess it’s not settled。”
Peng Changyi asked:“How do you know that there is no agreement?”
Old Gu said:“later,Shu Qing and I、Secretary Lu、Lao Lu and Xiao Song, we also went to the restaurant for dinner,I ate it by myself,Come out after eating,I eat fast,I saw Ronman leave early when I came out,And look very upset。”
“How do you know she left early?”Peng Changyi frowned and asked。
Old Gu said:“You want,I eat fast,a bowl of noodles,Ordered a sauced beef,I saw her after eating,I said,President Rong,It’s over so soon?she says,She withdrew early。I usually smile when I see her,No matter who I meet, I’m happy,Only that time was obviously unhappy,Others don’t understand what is going on here。”