30 million quotes!Expose Real Madrid this week to finalize the negotiations between the two De Gea _1

30 million quotes!Expose Real Madrid this week to finalize the negotiations between De Gea and the big two
The question about Manchester United goalkeeper De Gea’s transfer to Real Madrid seems to be about to settle.News from the Spanish media “Aspen” said that Real Madrid Chairman Florentino and De Gea’s agent Mendes met this week. The core issue discussed by both sides is the transfer of De Gea, which meansThe estimate of this soap opera has become more brilliant.Real Madrid wants to finalize De Gea’s current contract with Manchester United as soon as possible. The official of Manchester United has provided him with a huge contract with a weekly salary of 200,000, but De Gea himself refused to renew the contract.Considering that he has entered the contract year, if he does not renew the contract, Manchester United can only sell him to cash out this summer, otherwise De Gea may leave the team as a free agent next summer, and Manchester United will face a situation of human and financial disparity.Real Madrid has always wanted to introduce De Gea, but the quotation is far away from Manchester United’s pricing. In this case, De Gea has never expressed his position on whether to transfer, which makes Manchester very passive.  But now that things have accelerated, the news from the Aspen newspaper said that De Gea has informed Manchester United through his agent Mendes that he wants to transfer to Real Madrid.At the same time, Florentino and Mendez’s meeting this week has increasingly put De Gea’s transfer on the agenda.”Daily Mirror” said Real Madrid wanted to finalize De Gea’s deal this week.At present, the main priority of both parties is the price. Real Madrid initially priced at 25 million euros (about 19 million pounds), while Manchester United priced at 35 million euros (about 26 million pounds). Real Madrid has now raised the offer to 30 million euros (22 million pounds).In the bargaining, the transaction is gradually approaching completion.  ”Aspen” said that if the negotiations between Real Madrid and Manchester United are stiff, Real Madrid is willing to consider Benzema’s deal with Manchester United to the exchange, then the British media broke the news that Manchester United is willing to spend 40 million inches to buy Benzhorse.It is worth mentioning that if De Gea leaves the team, Manchester United does not mean replacements, including Cech, Lori and Dutch goalkeeper Silessen are on the Manchester United replacement list.(Marko)