Aniu’s attitude during training is very diligent,This loyalty,Is also very rare。

And Li Qingqiu has A Niu by his side,Qin Shi will feel relieved。
Li Qingqiu looked at Aniu,I can’t help but feel a little bit sore。
Actually these years,Li Qingqiu’s feelings for Aniu,It’s not like the boss treats his subordinates,More like a brother。
“Then you follow Li Qingqiu,No matter what the accident,You have to be the first to stand in front of him,Can it be done?”
Aniu didn’t have much emotional fluctuation at all,In his heart,It is taken for granted,Even if no one says that,He will do the same。
“of course。”
Qin Shi nodded,Said:“Ok,Let’s go,Remember what i told you。”
Finished,Li Qingqiu left with Aniu。
Li Qingqiu just left,Lin Yun’s shout came from the training ground。
“Qin Shi!”
Qin Shi turned his head and looked,Lin Yun is standing downstairs in the company,Wave in one’s direction。
Lin Yun doesn’t usually come to this place,Something should have happened。
Qin Shi walked over and asked:“what happened?”
Lin Yun went downstairs in such a hurry,Still panting,Said:“problem occurs。”
original,Lin Yun has been working in the office,After just finishing some work at hand,I want to see the news and recent economic development in Nancheng,I turned on the Internet TV with my laptop。
And at the moment of the switcher,Lin Yun seems to see a very familiar face,I quickly cut back and took a closer look。
It doesn’t matter,The third uncle Lin Zhicheng in a wheelchair is actually on TV!
Lin Yun was even more stunned,There is a wheelchair beside Lin Zhicheng,Sitting above,He is his grandfather,Lin Dexuan!