Zhang Huawei is talking about some film critics。

As a super director who only makes comedies,Zhang Huawei’s Bigger is undoubtedly the lowest。
So people often scold the director in the movie circle,Will take Zhang Huawei out and scold him,That his movie has no meaning,No humanistic care,Unworthy of being a great director。
Zhang Huawei is not a vegetarian,He will fight back from time to time,To scold those who scolded him around。
Bad this time《Yue Prison》Film critics,It happens to be a group of film critics who scolded Zhang Huawei,That’s why Zhang Huawei said so refreshingly and calmly at this time。
Speaking of《Yue Prison》,The two female stars are envious。
No one thought,This TV series can only be regarded as a good reputation in China,Actually in Europe, America and Japan.Han caused such a huge viewing frenzy,And so high praise。
Shanhai Net just made money by selling copyright1Billion dollars。
Compared to,They paid total to Lu Xiaofeng and Chu Liuxiang5Billion RMB fee,That’s nothing!
Not even advertising and influence revenue,Is this,Shanhai.com made it2Billion RMB!
Now that Zhou Lexiang’s little watch is broken,As if in Europe, America and Japan.Han Du became a second-tier star,I received five or six of the ads,Made millions of dollars。
What was Zhou Lexiang before??
Live by one face,I don’t know how many people have slept。
As a result, it was a coincidence,in《love letter》Performed well in the audition,Although not selected,But also left a deep impression,So this time《Yue Prison》,Directly on the heroine。
The person who interviewed her,That is, someone who has the power,Even called Zhou Lexiang《Yue Prison》People in the crew,It is the teacher Lu Xiaofeng in front of them!
It can be said,Teacher Lu Xiaofeng is the noble person who Zhou Lexiang has become today’s big star!