BBC name: Blatter will eventually go to prison 2022 World Cup will change place _1

BBC name: Blatter will eventually go to prison 2022 World Cup will change place
Although FIFA President Blatter was not among the arrested persons, he failed to avoid the spearhead of public opinion.The FIFA election conference was held on the 28th of this month (local time), and the US and Swiss police launched the day before the election. Although they did not arrest Blatter, the few people who were taken away were all people who supported Blatter.After the arrest, the FIFA spokesperson issued a statement for the first time, declaring that the FIFA conference will still be held as scheduled, and the election of the next FIFA president will also be held at the same time.布拉特  不过英国BBC足球记者、反黑专家安德鲁·詹宁斯接受《法制晚报》连线时认为,此次行动的最终目标就是布拉特,而饱受争议的2022年卡塔尔世界杯很可能由The United States took over.国际足联回应 选举大会不会延期 世界杯举办地不变  据《美联社》消息,在针对高官被捕的发布会中,国际足联发言人表示:此次被捕的官员涉嫌腐败,而国际The current chairman of the Football Association Blatter was not charged.The FIFA Conference will still be held on schedule, and at the same time, the plan of FIFA President Blatter to go to Canada to participate in the Women’s World Cup will not change.  As we all know, FIFA has been greatly questioned in the bid for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and the 2022 Qatar World Cup.Earlier, among the countries that applied to host the two World Cups, Russia and Qatar were not in very good conditions, but they were able to overwhelm other bidding countries at the last moment and successfully obtained the right to host. The outside world believed that there was money to buy in the voting process.The phenomenon of votes.  As the arrests unfolded, a large number of people involved were suspected to be involved in the bribery in the bidding process of the two World Cups mentioned above, which also caused concerns about the right to host the World Cup in Russia and Qatar.  In this regard, a FIFA spokesperson said frankly: There will be no change in the host countries of the next two World Cups, and there will be no further vote on the right to host the next two World Cups, and everything will proceed as planned.Blatter will be sent to jail. The 2022 World Cup will be arrested by senior officials, and FIFA has fallen into an unprecedented crisis.The clever Blatter would not have thought that his fifth presidential election campaign would begin in this situation.As the biggest enemy of Blatter’s life, the British BBC football reporter and anti-triad expert Andrew Jennings accepted a telephone interview with the reporter of “Legal Evening News” this morning.  Jennings believes that this is a beautiful day in the history of football. Everything has changed, and those who should be punished will eventually be sent to prison. Blatter himself is the ultimate goal of this black operation.  ”Legal Evening News” (hereinafter referred to as “Law Evening”): How do you view this incident?  Jennings: I think it’s time for everything to come, and the corrupt FIFA needs a blow.The law will give criminals the punishment they deserve, and those arrested will eventually be sent to prison.  I have been struggling to expose FIFA in the dark for many years. I have been looking for witnesses and evidence. This is very difficult, and I have been blocked and attacked by FIFA.But now it seems that everything is moving in a good direction. Yesterday was a good day in the history of football. Some people’s evil empire is likely to collapse.  French evening: How do you view FIFA’s reaction to this matter?  Jennings: Unexpectedly, their response was very flat.But this is just a superficial calm, just to stabilize the situation.  Fa Wan: What do you think is the ultimate goal of this operation?  Jennings: Sepp Blatter!He is the ultimate goal of this operation.It should be noted that this time his left arm and right arm have been arrested and will be extradited to the US soon.So, I think it’s not far from Blatter wearing shackles.  Fa Wan: So you think it’s very unlikely that Blatter will be re-elected?  Jennings: No, on the contrary, I think Blatter will continue to serve as FIFA president.This is something he has already done, no matter whether it is Prince Ali or anyone else, there is nothing he can do about this dictatorial emperor.But even if they are re-elected, this conference is destined to be a joke, and the chairman they choose will be sent to prison.  Fa Wan: When do you think Blatter will be arrested?  Jennings: I can’t give a specific time when he will be arrested, but I know it will be soon.  Fa Wan: Have you said that you have provided some information about the inside of FIFA to the FBI?  Jennings: Yes, it is difficult to collect these evidences. There are a lot of bank transfer records, which are direct evidence of Blatter’s money laundering, fraud and tax evasion.  France evening: Do you think that once Blatter is arrested, will Russia and Qatar host the World Cup?  Jennings: Certainly, because once the protection of Blatter’s interest group is lost, these controversial events will change.I think that the United States will host the 2022 World Cup.