Li Changming smiled,Then Chongmo Xiaosheng explained,“Mr. Mo,What the little brother said was right,The Lacerta Brigade is a special force of China’s Dark Sting Brigade second only to ours.,They have developed very well in recent years,Even hope to catch up with our dark thorn team,but,Hope is only hope!”

“Humph!They want to surpass our dark thorn camp,It’s a foolish dream!”An instructor on the side coldly shouted。
When Mo Xiaosheng heard this, he had a general understanding of the matter.,Nodded and smiled,No more words。
Everyone waited not long,I saw three military off-road vehicles driving here quickly,Stopped at a very close distance,Everyone choked on the dust raised by the wheels couldn’t help coughing a few times,Looking at the off-road vehicles with a cold face and very displeased。
“Dong dong!”
The sound of closing the car door came several times,Then I saw a few in black、green、Brown、The man in the four-color special warfare camouflage uniform jumped out of the car,Walked straight here,The words scorpion and tiger are printed on the armband。
The leading man looks around thirty,Cheekbones raised,Dark complexion,With a neatly trimmed lid,Head up,Bringing the people behind him came over with an arrogant face。
“Li Changming,You kid……”
The lid of the pot just opened,Suddenly I found that I was standing on the side,Mo Zizhen watching the recruits training attentively,He couldn’t help being stunned,As if seeing a scourge,His complexion changed suddenly,Gudong swallowed saliva,I swallowed the rest of the words abruptly,Walk over quickly,Respectfully:“Chief Mo,you are back!”
There was a faint cold sweat on his nose when he spoke,Flustered,He is the dark thorn brigade who learned that Mo Zizhen is not in hospital,I took the opportunity to find trouble with the Dark Thorn Team,I didn’t expect Mo Zizhen to come back,His original arrogant arrogance was suddenly beheaded and disappeared.。
Although he has not been in close contact with Mo Zizhen,Not even Mo Zizhen has played against each other,But just the rumor of this man,Is enough to scare him。
“Captain Qin,long time no see!Team Xiao is okay recently?”Mo Zizhen is extremely easygoing。
Captain Xiao he said,Is the captain of the Lacerta team。