Most of the time when people see him, there is no reaction。

This is probably the reason why many celebrities keep their exposure even if they do some lace news.。
Not seen for a while,You may not remember who you are。
Thinking about it, this is actually quite sad,Then you can come to the conclusion that no industry is easy。
After all, the appearance is so glamorous,In private, it might be so pleasant to live。
of course,This requires extremely strong time control。
Ordinary people can’t do it。
In fact, Wang Yufei has a strong time control ability,It can even be said to far surpass many stars,It’s just that his brain does not allow him to think about whether wanton enjoyment will promote social development.,Will not be interested in so-called Russian roulette。
Although the registration went well,But the two went to the wrong school gate,I wasted a lot of time,Wait until all the formalities are completed,It’s almost time for lunch。
Wang Yufei and Lu Jia sent a message and location on WeChat,Then I followed Lu Yuxin on the road outside the gymnasium, waiting for this little fat guy。
After all, I promised my children to go to the banquet together,It’s not easy to lose weight。
The waiting process is not boring。
Although it is the registration day,But the tennis court and football field opposite the stadium are still lively。