“Row,Then you are busy with you。”

Finished,Lin Yu also went out。
train station。
A female,Skin is a bit dark。
After getting off the train,Don’t know how to get out。
Because this is my first time,By train。
“Hello there!I want to ask,How to leave?”
See people around,Go out in several exits。
And these exports,Written separatelyabcdeWaiting for letters,Lu Yingying’s distant cousin Zhu Yuemei stepped forward,Greeted and asked。
This man wearing a mask,Never expected,Someone unexpectedly,How to leave the train station,Do not know at all。
Hear this,For a moment。
Subsequently,I raised my head and looked at this woman seriously。
When watching,The eyes seem to be in the slightest。
“Your first train ride?”
Thought for a few seconds,This person,Asked。
“Yes,I have always lived in Dashan before,Never been to the city。”
First time to city,Say what,All like to tell the truth。
of course,This is also related to the innocence of Lu Yingying’s cousin far away。