“what?this is……What’s wrong?Did something happen?”

Director’s surprised question。
It’s normal for him to find it strange and inconceivable,It is said that Murong Shan is the most popular star in the front line,Film appointments,Concerts continue,Catwalks and various activities are normal,How could there be such a long window period of two years?!
“Nothing happened,It’s just that I have been working on another very important thing for the past two years.。”
Murong Shan answered with a wry smile。
If the big director knew that Murong Shan had been busy during these two hours“Very important”Things,In fact, it is for a group of young girls who are in charge of the aunt and confidant sister,I don’t know how I feel!
“Oh,Turned out to be like this。”
But after the great director heard Murong Shan’s answer,,What I thought of instantly was:Is she telling me tactfully that she didn’t plan to cooperate with me??Then she called me and asked me to come here……
“But now I have the idea of making a movie。”
Murong Shan should have seen a trace of disappointment on the director’s face,So immediately added another sentence。
“Oh,That would be nice,It seems I am honored,I am about to be the first director to work with you after your comeback。”
The director immediately regained his anticipation,A longing answer。
The director’s surname is Peng,He is one of the few well-known directors with excellent reputation and popular works in China,In the film and television industry, it can be regarded as a heavyweight with a pivotal position.,But compared with the overlord Murongshan who straddles the three realms of film and television,His weight is still one level worse,So in front of Murongshan,Not only did he dare not put on his airs,And you have to be respectful towards Murong Shan。
It’s like being in a dynasty,He is the dominant prince,But Murong Shan is a well-deserved queen!
“Comeback?But I didn’t retire?Haven’t filmed for two years,Doesn’t it mean I retired。”
Murong Shan answered angry and funny。