Health up to people: in the late autumn will eat this fruit, clear lungs and dryness, but some people are best not to eat


Health up to people: in the late autumn will eat this “fruit”, clear lungs and dryness, but some people are best not to eat

“The wall is full of persimmons, and the autumn of the family is on the scene.” Now, it is time for the persimmon to mature.

Looking at the little red lantern, the sweet taste seems to penetrate the thin layer of skin, which makes people can’t help but bite it. In the autumn, eating persimmons will not runny nose.: “I eat persimmons in the fall, I won’t runny noses”, which means that when I eat persimmons at this time, my nose will not runny nose in winter.

Why is this?

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the autumn corresponds to the lungs in the five internal organs, the lungs open to the nose, the lungs are sick by evil, and people will have symptoms such as sneezing and runny nose.

Persimmon is sweet and sweet, cold and cold, can clear lung heat, moisten lung dryness, has a certain preventive and protective effect on dry evil and lung injury, so after eating the persimmon after the frost, it will not runny nose.

The inner yin is not enough, and the persimmons in the lips are also relieved.

In addition, persimmon has an important role in the prevention of cardiac vascular sclerosis, so it is called a fruit king who is good for heart health.

The processed persimmon cake has the functions of sucking the intestines, moistening the lungs, stopping bleeding, and stomach.

Although the persimmon is good, remember 3 “do not eat” 1, the spleen and stomach deficient people do not eat persimmon cold, where the spleen diarrhea, sputum, weak, sick, postpartum and exogenous cold, avoid eating fresh persimmon.

Deficiency of the spleen and stomach can be properly eaten persimmon cake, but also has a similar health care effect.

It should be noted that fresh persimmons are still persimmons, and the daily consumption should not exceed one.

2, fasting, do not eat deodorized sweet persimmon after drinking has the effect of hangover, but the persimmon called dislocated persimmon contains a lot of supplemental acid.

When the stomach is fasting, the implanted acid is in direct contact with the stomach acid, and the stomach persimmon is easily generated to cause degeneration and discomfort.

At the same time, alcohol accelerates the reaction of gastric acid with the implanted acid.

Therefore, be sure to eat persimmons on an empty stomach or after drinking.

3, do not eat immature persimmons to eat a large number of immature persimmons, so-called processed fresh persimmons or unpeeled persimmons, will cause stomach stones.

This is because the persimmon contains a large amount of implanted acid, and the acid is combined with the protein in the stomach to form an implanted acid protein that does not decompose water, and is deposited in the stomach; together with the pectin in the persimmon, the gum and the stomach.The food residue inside, they “unity”, condensed into a block to form a stomach stone, medically known as gastric persimmon stone disease.

The small stomach persimmon can pass through the pylorus into the intestines and casually. The large stomach stone can not be out of the “door” and is permanently stationed in the stomach, causing stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.

In autumn, the two porridges that eat persimmons are the best season for eating persimmons. Whether it is fresh persimmons or various foods made from persimmons, it is the best season to eat in autumn.

1, persimmon porridge materials: 2 fresh persimmons, 100 grams of rice, sugar amount.

Practice: Wash the fresh persimmons and juice them for later use.

Take the rice to clean, put it into the pot, add some water to cook the porridge, and when it is cooked, transfer it to the persimmon juice, sugar, etc., cook until the porridge is cooked, 1 dose per day.

Efficacy: heat and moisturizing, thirst.

It is suitable for lung dryness and autumn dry cough, thirst after drinking, short yellow urine and so on.

2, persimmon porridge material: persimmon 10 grams, 100 grams of rice, sugar amount.

Practice: Put the persimmon into the pot, add the right amount of water, soak 5?
After 10 minutes, decoction the juice, increase the rice porridge, when it is cooked, adjust the sugar, cook one, and boil it, one dose a day.
Efficacy: lowering the air.

Applicable to hiccups caused by stomach loss and drop.