However, Alsace, who had hoped to deal with this problem, went to sea。

Originally a pure business problem,After participating in the transition of kingship,Becomes a serious political issue。
Because of the turmoil of the Brotherhood of Masons,The Western Wilderness, once the main wilderness in the Irvine region, cannot provide food for Stormwind.,Even because the garrison consumes a lot of materials。
But you can blame Varian.Wrynn what?
His queen was stoned to death by thugs。
Terenas is soon to die,His limited energy was all used to pave the way for Alsace’s succession。
So-called alliance meeting,Everyone is responding,But no one to organize。
Carlos realized that he had paid too much attention to the destruction of the curse sect before.,Ignore the uncoordinated noise within the alliance。
The worst is,I also pulled more than 20,000 high-level immigrants from Erezalas……
Carlos thought of those 20,000 mouths to eat and drink,I don’t have the confidence to talk to my friends in the South about food trade.。
This is called personal life。
Before,Carlos just hopes to awaken the sense of crisis in the alliance through limited damage,To gain leadership of the alliance。
But a drought,Tore apart fragile connections within the alliance。
Carlos is not the only wise man,Many people have seen the threat of the collapse of the alliance。
But what does this have to do with me?
Lordaeron’s great lords and nobles have excellent excuses,Under the guise of Terenas, hoping to tear a piece of meat from the compatriots in the south。
And Carlos because his son cheated his grandfather,Say everything is wrong。