Lin Zhihao took a deep breath,“Go out soon,Do not talk,Did you hear!”

Lin Jiang panicked,Nodded。
“Yo,Everyone is?”
Lin Zhihao pushes the door out,People from the tax bureau happened to pass by。
“Hello,We are from the tax bureau。”
The headed young man took out the certificate of the tax bureau and shook,I went back again。
“I heard that you have illegal tax evasion here,Let’s come and investigate,Please cooperate with work。”
Lin Zhihao’s heart was pounding,But there is still a smile on my face,Said:“Not urgent,I am the chairman,It must be hard for a few people,Come to my office for a cup of tea,Let’s have a good chat?”
Lin Zhihao understands the world,I’m afraid it was not caused by someone,So I offered to spend money。
But this time,It’s not that simple。
“No need to,Please cooperate with our investigation。”
Lin Zhihao’s expression froze,He and Lin Jiang looked at each other,Both are very embarrassed。
If this is found out,I’m afraid that father and son will go to prison!